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LA Visits Portland | Part II

Our friends David and Andrew came up to visit us the following week Jane and Archi left. These two cats are a riot! My cheeks were in constant pain from laughing so much throughout their visit. Their stay was filled with facing fears, grubbing on Asian cuisine ( +ice cream!), and exploring areas of Portland that Joe and I haven't seen. I think the photos below will sum up their five day stay (not long enough!). We can't wait to be back in our hometown to visit them and the rest of our friends and family.

In Nature

I do have to admit that aside from the constant rain and persistent cold days, Portland is a beautiful city. I recently went to Wahclella Falls and Cannon Beach and got to experience an abundance of nature. I never knew that I'd be so happy for the weather to turn 60°F!



After a much awaited vacation we finally managed to squeeze in a mini one around Joe's birthday. We stayed three days and two nights in Sequoia with our good friends Jane and Archi. The air was crisp but unfortunately it was pretty darn hot; we managed to keep cool by visiting some nearby creeks and the pool at the hotel. It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by such enormous trees and go deep into the Crystal Cave where temperatures were as low as 50˚F. This trip definitely made me want to travel more and take more epic shots around the world! The travel bug has bit me pretty bad and that's a good thing :)